Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mini Card Kits in a Box

For my daughter's two teachers and two paras I thought I would make something special for them this year for an end of the school year gift. My dear friend, Teresa, and I came up with the idea to make mini card kits.  Teresa designed all 16 cards, supplied the product and cut all the pieces. I can't thank her enough for the hours she spent helping me. I made all of the boxes from heavy 120# card stock. 

The teachers absolutely went bonkers for them. They were so excited to try their hand at card making. I have to admit I'm always happy when I can introduce card making to someone and have them get hooked on the hobby. 

We chose to make 16 different cards. Each kit got 4 cards with all the extras they would need to make them. We used the Spring Things and At the Zoo collections by Doodlebug. 

Below is a quick video showing the kits in detail. 






Here is a short video detailing this very special project:


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