Thursday, June 22, 2017

30 cards from Scrapping For Less JUNE Flavor of the Month Card Kit

Yes, you heard right. 30 cards from this month's kit. I could have gotten a couple more if I wanted to make some with tiny scraps into a quilt like pattern but I thought 30 sounded like a good number to stop at. I still had tons of stickers and sequins left, I just ran out of pattern paper. So if you own pads in the same paper you could continue on and on until you used everything up. 

I heard June's kit sold out in as little as 60 something hours. So if you want to make sure you are guaranteed a kit you might want to consider signing up for the subscription, plus you save more $$ with a subscription. 

For full details and to purchase, visit this link: Flavor of the Month Card Kit  of the Month Card Kit on the Scrapping For Less website. 

First photo of each collection shows the four sketches that Teresa provides with the kit. The second photo is the remainder of that collection using ideas from my own brain. Lol!  I hope you like them and draw inspiration. 

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