Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teacher Appreciation GIfts

I just wanted to share with you the gifts that my 4 year old daughter, Emily and I did for all of her 3 year preschool teachers. She had 8 teachers!  Plus I did cards for her 3 bus drivers. Wow! She had quite the posse! I gave everyone except Maria (her main teacher) and the bus drivers a cool cup filled with crystal light drink mix packets. I gave Maria a wood letter M wall hanging that I painted and decorated.  The bus drivers got cards. I gave these all out 2 weeks ago, when it was Teacher's Appreciation Week instead of waiting until the last weekof school. I reused some of the gift bags that we had left over from the raffle at Emily's Epilepsy Benefit.
Ms. Maria-preschool teacher
Ms. Sarah-teacher's aide
Ms. Michelle-personal PARA
Teasha-Physical therapy teacher
Terri- Occupational therapy teacher
Dag-Vision therapy teacher
Ingrid-Speech therapy teacher
Rene-School Social Worker (my biggest supporter)
Judson-Monday pick up bus driver
Cathy-Monday drop off bus driver
Steve-Friday bus driver


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