Monday, October 17, 2016

Checkbook Cover

I recently became an Avon representative so I needed a separate checking account to run my new business with. When my new checks came in the mail, I realized there was no cover in the box for the blank checks. Yes, I could have just stopped at the bank and asked for a boring blue or black one, but my creative mind got to thinking. Why don't I order some of those clear covers and decorate my own. That's just what I did. You can find them almost anywhere online but I ordered mine on eBay. Here is the link for the covers I ordered.
If this link stops working, just search for clear checkbook covers and you'll find dozens of listings. 

I used some MFT checkered paper (pink) and some Lawn Fawn paper (yellow) and some left over DoodleBug stickers. And viola!  I'm very happy and it was super easy!

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