Friday, April 5, 2013

Cards made with Raisin Boat "Imagine" Stamp Set

I recently discovered a pretty cool stamp company, Raisin Boat, that RENTS stamps sets for a monthly membership fee.  Just like Netflix, you get to pick out sets and place them in your queue and they will send you the sets you have requested per whichever membership plan you choose.  You can keep and use the stamp set for as long as you need to, when you're done just place it in the provided return postage envelope and they will send you the next set on your list.  If you choose to purchase a set that you are already renting, you may keep it and pay the discounted membership price and then you also avoid the shipping charges. 

I just started my membership, and I have to say I already have alot of stamps picked out.  They have over 250 sets available and are always adding new ones. 

I submitted these two cards to them, with the hopes that they will publish them to their idea gallery.  Cross my fingers, they said the would but that it could take awhile to see them on the website.

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  1. wow! Love this idea Stacy...will have to look into that! super cute cards!