Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Idea for Emily's Seizure Bracelets

I saw this post on Pinterest, and I totally told myself, "I'm doing that!".  We still have a couple hundred bracelets leftover from her benefit.  So, I think I will make up a bunch of these up for family and friends.  I think it will be a cute stocking stuffer gift from Emily.

This is a picture of the few I did.  The one with the purple key ring and purple bling is for Auntie Robin, whose middle name should have been Purple, she loves it so much.  I am going to keep the pink one, daddy can have the one with the brad that looks like a screw head, and the rest will go to grandma's and grandpa's or whoever.  Looks like I am going to have to dig out all of those brads that I have and put them to good use again, (kinda got away from using brads and eyelets in my cards)

Here is the link for the original post I saw on Pinterest:

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